Why Healthcare

The American population is growing larger and older at a rapid pace. In fact, there are approximately 90 million baby boomers and seniors living in the United States today. Coupled with the rapid increase in longevity due to significant advancements in medical technology, unprecedented demographic shifts are emerging that will re-shape the nation over the next several decades.
We believe that these shifts will continue to result in deep supply/demand imbalances that will accrue to the benefit of healthcare real estate investors. Healthcare is already the single largest (and fastest growing) component of the country’s gross domestic product, and is projected to reach approximately 20 percent of national GDP by 2022.
Demand for healthcare services is growing at a faster pace than this country has ever previously experienced, and will continue to grow for decades to come, as will the demand for the healthcare-related real estate.
American Healthcare Investors was founded to capitalize on this broad demographic trend by investing strategically across the four clinical healthcare-related sectors, including medical office buildings, hospitals, senior housing and skilled nursing facilities. Our unique expertise in the specialized field of healthcare real estate investment, coupled with our investor-first philosophy, enables us to identify and provide opportunities that deliver value to our investors.